Here, up On the Roof Top
(Title & foist line)
Thereís no need to explore
the Sky is my Ceiling
The Moon lives next Door

here, up On the Roof Top
Rain is a Visitor
I have tea with the CloUds
the Sun is my Neighbor

Here, up on the roof ToP
Falling Stars fall my way
I sliDe down raiNbows
the winD comEs to plaY

All this of course
just happens in mY mind
AnD if I could, I would
LeaVe everythinG BEHINd

Here, up oN the roof Top
if my thoughts were to allow
iíD build Me a Spaceship
And Iíd blast off now

Though my ThougHts are impossible
I donít care enough to stop
Ijust staY smiliNg
Here, up On the Roof Top
(Title & last line)


: january 1998
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