| Missy Miss Behavin

Ten days late, she was hysterical
it's a cruel cruel thing
to bring a child into this world
plus she acts like an 8 year old
she can't be mom!
fortunately false alarm
no life, no abortion, no harm

She said she doesnt show emotion
at most, a deep breath & a sigh
more of an imp than a devil
love her and she will
laugh at you when you cry

A chocolate kiss
and a homicidal smile
your'e to busy to talk
but you'll sit down for a while
Full of her self
She knows she's amusing...
like a pitbull in a skirt!
(Yeah that's amusing!)

She breaks into people's houses
to rearange thier furniture
and mismatch their socks
she doesnt steal anything
just messes things up
like some modern day goldilocks

A socialite's daughter
but not prim and proper
she said she never joined
her catholic school girl kind
(she'd be out of her mind)
they were all about make up
and most had potpourri for brains

And she'd rather
pick pixel fights in the mall
or give the pope a prank call
but she loves buying shoes
and pretty's up sometimes
because she still is
a girl after all

She's a misfit, she's a geek
Minor vandal, pretty freak
You'd like her much,
even when she's mean
rebel princess
drama queen
soy sauce model
and everything inbetween

: December 2001
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