Karen Carpenter In Your Head

Wasn't your heart in a blender,
set to "churn",
just yesterday?
Well hey... look at you
You're okay
Take a picture
keep the moment
You're a girl today!

That's a huge smile your wearing
I'm sure it can be seen
from the moon
you're so giddy
I hope a rusty falling sattelite
hit's you soon

You're hair
isn't a mess
and i bet your about to wear
that pink dress
I see... you're prettying up
Is that lipstick
you're about to use?!
Hold the press...
new headline:

this isn't like you at all
Mush makes you puke
I recall
Although this is
disgusting as stepping
on very fresh phlegm
I'm yellow green
with envy,
I really really am.

2 years from now
You'll kick me
when I remind you of this
But enjoy it now
you deserve this
sugar high bliss


: november 2002
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