I'd like us
to ride a rollercoaster
Go forward fast,
fear for our lives & squeel
Then we'll catch our breath
reflect on life
and recite poems
onboard a sissy ferris wheel

Lets get on that
twirly whirly ride
that will spin us dizzy
and make us pale
I'll vomit my breakfast
while you checkout
cheap souvineers for sale

We'll get on bump cars
and safely collide
even hold hands
on a silly swan ride
I'll take the green unicorn
you'll take the rainbow pony
i'll kiss you on the carousel
then you'll look at me funny

"Electric pistachio"
"Very vain vanilla"
We'll share
wonky ice cream flavors
when we sit down
Then I want to have
our picture taken
beside pink poodles
a red baloon
& headstanding clown

And just before the sun sets
with ice cream stains on our shirts
I'll hug you & in a whisper I'll say
"well that was fun day
& the greatest thing about it
was that I was with you...hurray!"

: september 2003
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