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Jenny gets out of class, takes a cab and thinks in it.

On a good day , I sometimes feel I could take on the world.... and then I see my reflection and reality sinks back in. Crescent Moon Cruz, that's my name.... pretty stupid huh? Ever since I was 13, I prefered to be called Jenny, I know I could have gone for a cooler-obviously-concieved-during-puberty nick name like CMC or Crezm64 or Moon Cross, but I really liked the name Jenny. Lately when I introduce myself I'd go "Hi...I'm Crescent Moon Cruz, Jenny for short" and this would at least get me a reaction like " Why Jenny?" and I'd reply " It's a long story..wanna hear it ?" of course there really is no story behind it but nobody would want to hear it Im just known as Jenny. Plain old Jenny. Fat Jenny. A hundred and sixty nine point five pounds Jenny. Ugly Jenny. That's why I hate mirrors, it's bad enough that I know my own weight, mirrors have to rub in the way I look.

My bestfriend Geraldine, now she's pretty , even worse, she's humble pretty. Long legs, bambi eyes, a killer smile and a fashion sense. She thinks I'm better off than her because I'm smarter than she is, which isn't really true. I got higher grades than her back in high school and that's all.We basically have the same level of wit and insight (which are the ones that really matter). That's why she's my bestfriend. We laugh at the same things. So if ever a cute guy comes along, sick of dumb blondes, that guy would still take Geraldine over me beacause she's brains plus prettyness. I do think myself pretty sometimes though, when the lights are just right and people are kind.

At present, I'm a wannabe writer enrolled in this University, in a college for litterature with fags for teachers and smart asses for classmates(except for that nice guy William...Will).We got to leave class early today since we just had to pass our short stories, mine was about this talented young artist who hones his skill ang gets blinded at the height of his carrer, I ended it with "Life's a big joke..but it isn't funny"(pretty witty I say).

So I can write...big deal , I'm still fat.

Basically I'm this normal angst ridden teen ager who thinks she has all the problems. Actually I just need a guy to boost up my self esteem but fat chance (pun very much intended) of anyone ever liking me. Guys... they like sexy girls like Geraldine. Im smart, understanding and all that... pretty much just best friend material as far as guys are concerned . Im someone to get close to and chum with specially if you want to get through with Geraldine. No I dont really blame Geraldine for my pathetic condition. I just wish I were like her. We usually talk about the guy's we like and rate the ones we know. It's kind of fun but deep inside I know that Geraldine's the only one with the right to rate and choose since she's the pretty one.I don't tell her this though, because I know and she knows that it's really stupid and shallow. She credits me with so much insight and a wide perspective (wide...sigh). Such things don't cross my mind as far as she's concerned. Im this confident woman ready to take on the world (that is as long as I don't see my reflection.).

Jenny gets to the mall to watch a movie and laments some more

Well here I am, the mall my sanctuary. Ha! Look at me Im using the stairs rather than the escalator so I could at least sweat out the pounds. And before I go to the movies, I'd probably take a Big Mac Meal with me and extra fries. Talk about bullshit and futile attempts. I like movies. Id like to write a witty screenplay someday and be rich and famous and maybe I could have liposuction.... yeah right then I could go marry Leonardo de Caprio and live on the moon. (well looky here I actually got me a Big Mac meal with extra fries.) I've bought a ticket and the movie is suppose to be starting but they wouldnt let anyone in because the film still has not arrived. So here I am waiting in front of the theater with my hands getting numb from the cold coke cup I'm holding. This better be a good movie. Geraldine is currently studying in this other school, so we dont get to go out together as often as we used to. Back in High School some good looking dorks would usually hang around with us and take us to the movies (actually I'm just a tag along, they just wanted Geraldine) and we'd eat, no Pig out, me and Geraldine, but Im the only one who gets fat. Of course Geraldine offers to pay (as to indicate that no strings are attached) but they'd decline and pay anyway... then a week a later the dorks are busted and new dorks come along. We'd laugh at the dorks but I never told Geraldine that I wish that for once the dorks would be after me. Not that I'd really want to be with them, It would just be a comfort to know that I'm likable. But not even the dorks like me. Nobody likes me, except Geraldine and my mom. My mom she thinks her daughter is the greatest girl in the world. I hate the way she tells her freinds how I won this essay writing competion back in sixth grade as if it were a big deal. She's so proud of me it makes me sick. So now I'm your basic normal angst ridden ungrateful teen ager who thinks she has all the problems. Actually I dont have any problems, I just have a boy problem which is really pathetic. Hey that's William..Will , that nice guy from my class. He's coming this way but he probably wont recognize me. Im only remembered if I'm with Geraldine, and she's in another school. " Hey do you know when this movie starts"huh? He's asking me.. Im the only one in front of the theater " Uh I dont know they sey the film still isn't here.." "Oh, then I'll go buy something first.. youre from my class right? Jenny right" " Uh-huh" "I'm William... Will" I put down the coke and reach out my hand, he shakes it and it's all cold and moist " sorry bout that" He wipes his hand on his jeans and says it was nothing"nice meeting you anyway" then he turns around and after a few paces he looks back and says "Life's a joke.. but it isn't funny... pretty witty" He qouted my story..oh my God he qouted my story and he knew my name and he shook my hand and he does not even Know of Geraldine, so he talked to me because I was Jenny. Plain old Jenny. It didint matter if I was fat Jenny.

(The film is here and I could go in the theater) I feel like I could take on the world now.

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