The Way You & Things Are Now

We were twelve years old
and I gave you hamsters
do you still remember that?
Hugo Jumbo the small one
and Andrea Tiny the Fat
You said thank you
and also that I was sweet
Later we danced closely
and I stepped on your feet
... those times were sparkly indeed

Then the hamsters reached 862
too much, too much
You didnt know what to do
but conviniently
they all suddenly

I asked
if you saw the symbolism in that
and annoyed you said
"There is just way too much
going on in that head!"
and that made me sad
because you no longer cared
about the odd thoughts I had

Downhill from then
fast forward to the breakup at 16
at that point you were just being mean

And now were much older
...well at least you are
I have manged to keep my crayons
and goldfish fascination so far
While you have your cosmopolitan fashion
Real World ambitions & stuff
Hamsters for your birthday
just wouldnt be enough.

: june 2001
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