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I am poetically challenged, I could rhyme a bit, but thats it. these poems hold no deeper meanings and intellectual stuff like that. I just wrote these when I felt like it, so don't you go "these poems suck" because thats like calling a paraplegic trying to move a slowpoke.


Flight & street lamps --- A loss of inspiration

Carnival Rides --- it's nice to be sappy sometimes
Them Worn Out Chuck Taylors
--- based on a kid from my art school who killed himself
Karen Carpenter in your head
--- I wrote this for my friend who was having self esteem problems but then turned giddy over night

Simple Life
--- i wrote myself this when I felt people were too complicated

an attempt to write about beauty at the beach --- i had this almost zen like moment once
Nothing to Be Really Sad About
--- a stupid self pity piece, pretend I didnt write this
missy miss behavin
--- she tries to be bad

the way you & things are now --- something about simple gifts
the secret poet
--- you know how it it is when your all sappy & shit
plutonic platoon
--- from the greater army of fools
suburban space house
--- about boring summers, lazy cats & very far away places
scrap --- something about having a fight & feeling angry, sad & guilty all at the same time, & doing so in rhyme
cotton you --- sweet sacharine stuff... ick
purple jacket --- an idiotic admiration poem
rubber star --- simple hapiness brought about by elastics
nowhere fran --- about people that just coudn't stay put
ice queen --- something about refrigerators for sale
happiness is a water gun --- up till now i still cant figure out the true meaning of this one
water fish --- a meditation peice to be read over & over again so that one may reflect on one's harmony with the elements
poor wormie --- something about picking on tiny creatures
springkles pens --- a very deep poem
paper plane airlines --- having too much free time
clear water --- a lengthy poem about actually having the time to ponder about the more important matters in life
drissled --- a rainy day poem
the good soup advice --- find out what it is!
side-walk cracks --- a happy poem about a happy day
sleepy small dog --- dedicated to my dachsund
it was just too cute --- a poem about the guilt brought by killing a wittle bunny wabbit
the unshining star --- a star laments on its lost luster
y.a.m.p.--- something about having half the universe on paper
here, up on the rooftop --- why that place above the ceiling is so nice
3 new Born Kittens --- kawawang kittens
No better --- something about drawing smiles on the wall
Fragile --- about this little kitten i found in dirt