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Short pictured stories that almost make sense.
Insert Title Here --- A lesson on Latin.
Graaaa!... The Unamazing Avidoo Alphabet --- A very comprehensive guide to the foundation of our language. Print it out & color it. Fun!
Not the most Precious of Declarations
--- Something from the olden days
Why I wake up late
--- If only we were all billionaires.
I'll never hurt you again --- a meen geek & his nice girlfriend
Bear Bear
--- something out of my twisted childhood.
Palitol the Stwong
--- sort of a true story.
christmas cheese --- a yuletide treat
Rabbit --- something about the food chain & a very disturbed clown.
Cat --- a relationship tale that shouldn't be be read by very smart people.
Petroleum Jenny --- a short story about this girl, not really a picture book though.
A.W.S.S. --- Something about a liittle creature's big dream.
Here --- a pictured poem about being alone.
The Real Story of Humpty Dumpty --- read it!
Counting Stars --- just two friends w/ nothing to do so they maim each other & rhyme.
A Day With Out Baloonee --- this use to be called "a day with out thee" but that sounded too sappy.
Ayokong Magpagupit --- a political story about ideological differences and the state of the world.